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From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 06:42:48 +0100
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I know that metalink 132547.1 says that cursor_sharing = force and stored outlines don't work together - but my demo of the "go_faster" hint depends on it.

The statement is false, but the text in that section of the note explains why it can seem to be true:

If you do 'create stored outline for statement with literals', the literals do not get converted to binds as the outline is stored. When you run the statement they do get converted - so the text no longer matches the outline. You have to create the outline by running the test with 'create_stored_outlines = true'.


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A couple more things - check your cursor_sharing parameter (outlines don't work with cursor_sharing=force) and make sure you have a trigger or other method in place to set use_stored_outlines=true for the desired session(s) since it can't be set at the system level. You might want to check out Metalink 67536.1 & 132547.1 for more detail.

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