Re: Oracle Enterprise Manager webconsole does not work on netscape on my test 9i RAC

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Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 13:57:53 -0400
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I could be wrong but i thought RAC requires grid control and not a standalone OEM or am I missing something here, been playing in the 11g world so i could be wrong.


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Oracle Enterprise Manager webconsole does not work on netscape on my test 9i RAC
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Hi Members,
I have setup 9i test RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. On my previous installations on windows xp for non-rac single instance databases, at the end of the installation, dbca would provide a url for oracle enterprise manager something like http://hostname:1158 but on my test rac, dbca did not output any urls of this sort. I checked the installation logs and there were no trace of the OEM url . I was trying http://hostnamewithandwithoutdomainname:port with portnumbers:1158,1521,3339,5500 but none of them worked. I also tried http://privateip/publicip:port but even this doesn't work. Even tried with /em at the end on all occasions. I learnt that OEM url works only on netscape and IE. I have netscape installed on both my nodes and have made sure that service httpd is running. I do not have a management server. I'm trying to directly connect to the server as in the client/server OEM architecture. I have rac instances orcl1 and orcl2 on node1 and node2 respectively accessing database orcl with an additional instance/database named catdb (for rman) on node2. There is no file named emctl under $ORACLE_HOME/bin. I believe that this would appear when I setup OMS. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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