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Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 10:19:43 -0400
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My databases are version, but some of them still have compatible set to I want to know what restricted features will become available if I raise the value of compatible.

The following is probably from version 7, but I have not found a similar view in Oracle 10:

Type ID Release Updated Description

-------- ------------ ------------ -----------------------------------
BOOTSTRP   bootstrap$
COMPATSG   Compatibility segment
DATAFILE                Data file structure
KCBCICT                 Cache cross-instance protocol
LOGSTRUC                 Log structure
TRUNCFIX                 truncate bug fix
CONTROLF                 Control file
RCVREDO                 Recovery redo
REDODATA                 Redo contents
TEMPTS    Temporary tablespace
TRUNCNT    truncation count
UNDODATA Undo contents UNLMTEXT unlimited extents
DISLOCK                 Alter Table Disable Table Lock
FORCEVSN                 Force undo/redo versions to exist
HASHEXP                 Hash expressions in hash clusters
IMPHSHFN                 Improved hash function
KDIBIX                 bitmap indexes
KDINFB                 index support for freelist groups
LOCKING                 Instance locking protocol
MULTTRIG                 Multiple Triggers Per Type
RDONLYTS                 Read only tablespace
REDOORDR                 Redo order by SCN
RESZDAFL                 Resizable data files
REUSEBRB                 reuse index branch blocks
UPDSNAP                 Updatable Snapshots

I am quite sure that it was generated using the following SQL:

col type_id     format a8       head 'Type ID'
col release     format a12      head 'Release'
col description format a40      head 'Description'      word
col updated     format a12      head 'Updated'          word
col implemented noprint

break on implemented skip 2

spool compatib.rep

select decode (c.release, '', '2,', '1') implemented,

       c.type_id, c.release, s.updated, c.description from v$compatibility c,

       v$compatseg s
where c.type_id = s.type_id (+)
and c.release = s.release (+)
order by decode (c.release, '', '2,', '1'),

         c.release, c.type_id, s.updated /

Can someone point me to similar information in Oracle 10?



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