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Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 11:45:32 +0100
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>A long time ago. It's in the pre-install tasks of the Peoplesoft install
Good. It is amazing how many people miss that one.

>Can you tell me which/where it is? Because I've asked for this
>for ages and no one in our Peoplesoft technical team knows how
>to turn this on.

See oks/hgpy/book.htm
Read down to debugging and tuning. There is a second page on the component where you specify the run control.
In 9.0 apps there is a check box to 'update stats' (in 8.x apps it was slightly different, there is a debug link at the bottom of the page which takes you to the secondary page).

>Is that ported to a new version as well? That seems
>to be the major objection of our Peoplesoft guys to any changes to released
PS code.

PeopleSoft Cobol programs have always got some SQL from the stored statement table, that isn't going to change now.
The stored statements do change between application versions, I would always edit the dms scripts delivered by Oracle - that is the source - and then reload the statement. When you get to a new version (or get a patch) do a flat file comparison of the new and old dms scripts. PeopleSoft will not deliver hints in the stored statements because the same statements run on all platforms.
You will get the same objection to analytic functions. You could raise a performance SR and see what happens.
Any changes you make are customisations. It is generally much easier to get a hint in than do a wholesale rewrite of a SQL statement. (sorry about the self-publicity here, but chapter 11 of my book discusses stored statements).

>I had to go with DS and locked stats.

This is an either or choice with GP. Either you have the program analyze the tables at runtime, or you remove and lock the stats and use ODS. If you do both GPPDPRUN will crash because the analyze command will error.

>Nuno Souto
>in sunny Sydney, Australia


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