Re: Poll - Classic MetaLink vs. My Oracle Support

From: Eddie Awad <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 10:34:07 -0700
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Speaking of ML on iPhones and Blackberries, I created the following Mix idea:

Title: Create an iPhone Application or an iPhone optimized version of My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink)


Feel free to vote for it if you like.

Also, check out Chris Warticki's post:

Chris is a Sr. Customer Support Manager at Oracle.

Here is what the Oracle Blogosphere is saying about MetaLink vs. My Oracle Support:

Latest result from the poll ( ):

56% (215)      Classic MetaLink
42% (162)     My Oracle Support

PS: MOS is not that bad.


Eddie Awad

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 8:48 AM, Rich Jesse <
> wrote:

> > I don't find it that bad either (once I finally decided to ditch my 256K
> > PC). I like the SR interface.
> > I also don't think this new thing called "Rock & Roll" is going to last.
> I
> > don't understand that Elvis boy at all.
> At least I can stop trying to get ML to work on my Blackberry:
> Maybe I can convince work that I need an iPhone once it gets a Flash
> player.
> And it appears that JAWS and other screen readers do not work with Flash
> content. But if one who cannot view the Flash content can magically manage
> to login and find the ML article they were looking for, the FAQ says:
> "Note: Not all content in My Oracle Support is in Flash. Some, like
> Knowledge articles, are in standard HTML formats. This means that when you
> come across this content, your browser and operating system (and JAWS)
> controls and features apply."
> I can only surmise that this means that accessibility was not a factor when
> the support portal was converted to Flash.
> Sorry for the rant, but it just gets me how far backward the Net has gone
> with the seemingly universal acceptance of the concept of a single vendor
> controlling content delivery. Let's hope Adobe is financially stable or
> the
> US Govt will certainly own them, too.
> Fun for a Friday!
> Rich
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