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Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 11:45:39 -0400
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Would I be correct in summarizing that we're NOT opposed to the features of the flash versions, but rather we (oracle-l in general) are opposed to having zero widely available low bandwidth capable lifeline to support available?

Please note that is a question, not an assertion.

I recommend registering your vote in Jared's poll, on mix, and through the users groups to which you belong.

April, if you and John K are thinking about an article on this, that would be great. Perhaps we can get Oracle to make superior choices about this for all of us!

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As one of the Alpha, Beta ....customers who Oracle consulted with during the implementation of Oracle Configuration Manager, Flash version of Metalink, etc.

I told them from the very first is TOO slow! Constantly asked about this being deployed across different desktops. What do people see if they have no configurations uploaded, etc. Repeated myself every time we had a meeting. Great concept in that you could filter everything based on your hosts, configurations, etc.

Right now the biggest gotcha is seeing all the data associated with a single CSI, my understanding is that group privileges are on the way.

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