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Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 13:47:14 -0400
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        I don't see that as misleading. Oracle's stand has always been that you can play with anything you want for free so long as you don't get anything more than education out of it. I mean if we all had to buy Oracle software to be able to play, train, and pass Oracle exams we'd all be either in the "poor house" or else pursuing careers elsewhere.

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Hey Bill,

> On l
> they are also 'advertising' it just as they do for Application Express
> (upper right corner), as a "Free Download". I think all of the 'free
> products' have the same download marker, while the products that do
> require a separately purchased license you need to download
> differently, but I have been wrong many times before in the not so
> distant past (and even further).
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> -- Bill Ferguson

Read the License Agreement when you download from OTN. For most products
(except SQL Developer), it will say:

"If you use the application you develop under this license for any internal
data processing or for any commercial or production purposes, or you want to
use the programs for any purpose other than as permitted under this agreement, you must obtain a production release version of the program by
contacting us or an Oracle reseller to obtain the appropriate license."

I think the "FREE" links are blatantly and intentionally misleading. However, I have better things to do than sue Oracle. Like creating SRs...



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