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Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 13:05:57 -0400
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Complete agreement here that support, mix, and the users groups of your affiliation should all be notified of your misgivings. Of course notes to this list of helpful notes to add are also useful. For example, if you could tell them your bandwidth on login (or even lie that it is really slow) or that you're through a remote VPN and have a double latency and you're slow, or any vareity of other environmental issues for which they should turn off the picture show, then maybe they could live with a single entry point. If you're right there on a big pipe and you're got painting cpu to spare, why not get the pretty animations and such. But remind them that if that is the ONLY way, then you might be preventing remote assistance from being useful and making someone drive on site is just not green.  

Sigh. I really love Oracle. Sometimes they need tough love.  


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Again, I encourage everyone to flock over to the support blogs - you can make a much more productive and purposeful impact there than here. =)  

I have found the MOS developers to be very personable, understanding and eager to listen to my gripes. The most beneficial exchanges I have had are where I can specifically state what I would like to see improve (not generalities, but by being verbose and explicit), and taking advantage of many OWC sessions. The developers have been trying to collect feedback for a while.  

I will say, however, that I also find MOS to be rather slow and have detailed how I would like certain things to be faster. Some of the "slowness" is configured for the "user experience", and I have targeted those and asked that they be sped up significantly. Others issues are just a artifact of using Flash, and no matter how loudly I complain about that, I get the feeling we are stuck with it. Perhaps if we all made a protest..... *grin*

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I hope someone from Oracle looks at these postings once in a while, because I am also very disappointed with the new My Oracle Support. I have not been able to access it from my Solaris box yet, even though I have the latest version of Flash installed. The old Metalink worked just fine and I did not see anything wrong with it.

Vladimir Andreev wrote:


Apologies for the rant, but am I the only one with a problem caused by MetaLink's "retirement"?

It turns out My Oracle Support is not supported on (for example) HP-UX B.11.11 (no Flash 9 for HP-UX), and that's what I have to use at work. A strange decision by Oracle, to say the least. What's next - Knowledge Base notes will only be available in Word format, maybe?





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