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The only place I can find that it might cost anything is in the Help section "Data Modeler Concepts and Usage".
"SQL Developer Data Modeler is a for-cost option of SQL Developer that
requires a separate license. However, a free viewer (read-only) version is also available."

However, I can find no other reference in any documents associated with Data Modeler to a current or future cost. Looks like it's free, though I wouldn't put it past Uncle Larry to start charging for it once lots of folks get "hooked" on it.

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SQL Developer Data Modeler licensing?

Did anyone else notice that since I posted this:,2

...that the link I supplied no longer exists, and that the new FAQ for the Production release at: longer mentions the phrase "cost option"? There's also no link to the Data Modeler on Oracle Store...

Anyone know what the licensing is for this? Links/documentation, please!


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