Re: archivelog performance issues - Windchill app.

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 13:50:38 -0500 (CDT)
Message-ID: <>

> By the way, this database supports a PTC Windchill application.
> I am just trying to figure out what the previous DBA knows about
> performance impact of archivelog mode that I don't. I think we are all
> on the same page on this issue (except of course for my predecessor!).

Run! Run faster! RUN!

I had this discussion with that particular fine vendor -- they do not support running Oracle in ARCHIVELOG mode for Windchill where the docs are stored externally (i.e. not in the DB). No I am not kidding.

IIRC, their reasoning is that the DB and data store could be out of sync should a DB recovery be needed, which to me made NO sense whatsoever. If the DB should crapout and need to be recovered back to yesterday when the last cold backup was done, the entire day's worth of doc movement would need to be manually investigated and redone in Windchill -- a potentially massive undertaking that would get much worse if not impossible if the application were to remain open while that manual rebuilding was taking place.

OTOH, if a hotback DB was recovered, there MIGHT be one or two out-of-sync docs at worst. Which scenario would you prefer??? Granted, they may need to support customers that do not have an Oracle DBA, but to me it's still inexcusable.

BTW, if you ever need to upgrade Windchill, good luck! I may have a consulting contact for you though -- together we did a couple of upgrades that included manual SQLs in order to workaround bugs in the upgrade process that Support was unable to resolve. That was a couple of years ago now though.

I'm shuddering at the thought...



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