Is there a way to know which driver (thick / thin jdbc, odbc, .net, oci, ...) was used to connect to the database

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Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 09:39:12 +1000
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I use v$session_connect_info to distinguish between BEQ and Net8 connections.
I am not sure if this will help with distinguishing thick and thin drivers (don't have easy way to test at the moment).

Example script - with thanks to Jacques R. Kilchoer response to Oracle-L in 19-Apr-2001 :

COLUMN connection_method HEADING "Con Type" FORMAT A15 WRAP


   decode (rtrim (substr (b.network_service_banner, 1, 18)) , 

'Windows NT TCP/IP' , 'SQL*Net' ,
'Oracle Bequeath NT' , 'Bequeath' ,
'Windows NT Named P' , 'IPC - Named Pipes' ,
'Other? - ' || b.network_service_banner
) as connection_method

   v$session a,
   v$session_connect_info b
   a.sid = b.sid(+)
   AND ( INSTR ( b.network_service_banner , 'Oracle Advanced Security' ) = 0
         OR b.network_service_banner IS NULL


Bruce Reardon

Hi Freek,

my tests on Linux show that at least the JDBC driver set the program column in v$session
thin driver - connection string jdbc:oracle:thin:_at_... program = 'JDBC Thin Client'
OCI (thick) - connection string jdbc:oracle:oci:_at_.. program = 'java.exe'


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