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From: Yong Huang <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 08:16:24 -0700 (PDT)
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I remember v$tempseg_usage (i.e. v$sort_usage) records the previous SQL. I found my old study note that says

"the two SQL columns (sqladdr and sqlhash) in v$sort_usage record the SQL that *last* ran using temporary segment. If the SQL is currently running consuming temp space, you have to find it in v$session sql_address and sql_hash_value. V$session.prev_sql_addr and prev_hash_value are exactly the same as v$sort_usage.sqladdr and sqlhash, respectively."

So if you want to join, it's prev_sql_id that matches sql_id of v$tempseg_usage.

Yong Huang

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You are right Alex. Thanks for your help.

When I use session_address to figure out sql_id from v$session and v$tempseg_usage views, both show different SQL_IDs.

Here is the query I used,

select a.session_addr,b.saddr,a.sql_id sqlid_tempseg ,b.sql_id sqlid_session,sid from V$TEMPSEG_USAGE a, v$session b WHERE a.session_addr= b.saddr;

If I take sql_id which v$session shows and check in v$sql, it shows the sql which populate this global temporary table, which is correct but sql_id which v$tempseg_usage has, shows different sql in v$sql.

Does anyone have any idea why both views show different sql_id?

Paresh Patel,       

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