RE: What are the differences of v$sqltext, v$sqlarea, v$sql

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Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 11:09:41 -0500
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Checking V$FIXED_VIEW_DEFINITION, you can see that V$SQLAREA is based off of x$kglcursor_child_sqlid, V$SQL is off x$kglcursor_child, and V$SQLTEXT is off x$kglna. I may be way off on this, but I believe pure DDL is not a cursor, which is why it won't be found in X$ cursor tables. Check with a CTAS vs. a plain CREATE TABLE ... (field ...). CTAS uses a cursor and would be found in all the X$ sql tables. A plan CREATE TABLE won't.

Again, I may be way off on the reason why, but hopefully the above helps explain a little of what you're seeing.

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Subject: What are the differences of v$sqltext, v$sqlarea, v$sql

Hi Guys,

Weird scenario, when I'm looking for TRUNCATE statement, I can see it in V$SQLTEXT .... but I can't see it in V$SQLAREA and V$SQL

select * from v$sqltext where upper(sql_text) like '%TRUNCATE%TEST3%'; -- returns the truncate statement

select * from v$sqlarea
where sql_id = 'dfwz4grz83d6a'
where upper(sql_text) like '%TRUNCATE%'; -- no rows

select * from v$sql
where sql_id = 'dfwz4grz83d6a'
where upper(sql_text) like '%TRUNCATE%'; -- no rows

So to have a more readable ASH... I joined it with SQL_TEXT so I can clearly see the TRUNCATE statement on the samples...

set lines 3000
select substr(sa.sql_text,1,500) txt, a.sample_id, a.sample_time, a.session_id, a.session_serial#, a.user_id, a.sql_id,
       a.sql_child_number, a.sql_plan_hash_value,
       a.sql_opcode, a.plsql_object_id, a.service_hash, a.session_type,
       a.session_state, a.qc_session_id, a.blocking_session,
       a.blocking_session_status, a.blocking_session_serial#, a.event, a.event_id,
       a.seq#, a.p1, a.p2, a.p3, a.wait_class,
       a.wait_time, a.time_waited, a.program, a.module, a.action, a.client_id
from gv$active_session_history a, gv$sqltext sa where a.sql_id = sa.sql_id
and session_id = 126

So my question is, what are the differences of v$sqltext, v$sqlarea, v$sql?  Any ideas?  :)

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