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From: David Pintor <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 13:26:25 +0100
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The database doesn't look corrupted as the recovery is complete, but yes, just because it's complete all the logs are applied and therefore, the table is dropped again while recovering. I got it now...

Unfortunately the table was dropped and purged so can't use flashback.

So I think the best solution is to export the table from the cold backup somewhere else and import it where is missing. It will do the job.

Thanks a lot for your help - much appreciated.


2009/7/2 <>

> David what you want is incomplete recovery, if u do complete, as u have
> seen it will not be recovered, assuming u know when it was dropped, u will
> need to recover to just before then and do open resetlogs, if this is not
> feasible since you will lose all txs since the drop, then restore the to
> some other server, do incomplete recovery over there, open resetlogs and
> export the table from there, then import that to the original db.
> Hth, joe
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> Hi guys,
> ** Oracle 10.2 on Solaris 10 box.
> Someone removed a user table this morning. I have a cold backup from last
> night. I want to restore just the USERS tablespace (where the table was) and
> perform a complete recovery. Is that possible? I've tried recovering the
> datafile by stopping the database, copying the datafile manually, and then
> doing a recover database. The recover is complete but my table is still
> missing... what am I doing wrong?
> Thanks for your help.
> David

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