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From: Mati Vapper <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 12:42:01 +0200
Message-ID: <>

I have a question about OEM Grid Control. We have over 150 production DB targets and normal alerts for some DB-s are out of temp and out of undo errors.
It's just happening and there is nothing that DBA could handle. My question is: how to disable temp and undo space checks for all DB targets in Grid?
(Just don't want to wake up after every hour and read sms's about how oracle is unable to extend temp segment)

I tried to use dbms_server_alert package: DBMS_SERVER_ALERT.SET_THRESHOLD(DBMS_SERVER_ALERT.TABLESPACE_PCT_FULL,DBMS_SERVER_ALERT.OPERATOR_GT,'90', DBMS_SERVER_ALERT.OPERATOR_GT,'100',1,1,'ORASID',DBMS_SERVER_ALERT.OBJECT_TYPE_TABLESPACE,'TEMP'); It didn't work on grid side, but it worked on 10.2 database side. Still it's a bit annoyng to apply this in every monitored database. And anyway there is no such package in older DB-s, about 70% of our systems are older than 10.2. So its not a solution.

Is there anything else to try/to do?

Mati Vapper,
Oracle DBA.

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