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Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 06:29:50 -0400
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David what you want is incomplete recovery, if u do complete, as u have seen it will not be recovered, assuming u know when it was dropped, u will need to recover to just before then and do open resetlogs, if this is not feasible since you will lose all txs since the drop, then restore the to some other server, do incomplete recovery over there, open resetlogs and export the table from there, then import that to the original db.

Hth, joe
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Hi guys,

  • Oracle 10.2 on Solaris 10 box.

Someone removed a user table this morning. I have a cold backup from last night. I want to restore just the USERS tablespace (where the table was) and perform a complete recovery. Is that possible? I've tried recovering the datafile by stopping the database, copying the datafile manually, and then doing a recover database. The recover is complete but my table is still missing... what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.



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