question on init.ora parms

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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 15:33:38 -0400
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got 4 node rac on linuxm going to build 3 node rac on standby on linux,

as i look at oracle's doc (MAA, dg 11g installation on rac systems), here is the the duplicate command:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/rman << EOF
spool log to '/tmp/build_standby_20090616_1246.log'; connect target /;
connect auxiliary sys/password_at_standbynode duplicate target database for standby
from active database
set db_unique_name='standby'
set control_files='+TIER2DATA/standby/controlfile/control01.dbf'

set instance_number='1'
set audit_file_dest='/u02/home/oracle/'
set remote_listener='LISTENER_STANDBYNODE'

EOF My question is on the set remote_listener line, when doing the duplicate should it point to the standby and then be changed to the primary listener(on the standby node) when its all done?

thanks, joe

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