RE: what package/procedure did SQL come from?

From: Bobak, Mark <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 04:30:33 -0400
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The amusing part is how I first learned of this X$.....

Years ago, in the days of 8i, I think, I found a script on MetaLink that would provide the name of the stored PL/SQL object, given a SQL statement. But, the script itself was wrapped PL/SQL. The ironic part was, the string 'X$KGLRD' was visible, even in the wrapped source. :-)

Once I noticed that, it didn't take too long for me to experiment a bit and figure out how to directly use this X$, so I no longer needed the wrapped PL/SQL. :-) So, in this case, at least, wrapping wasn't very effective... :-)


P.S. FYI, I just did a MetaLink search on x$kglrd, and got a couple of hits on a script that shows an example of how to join to x$kglob and x$kglcursor.

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Nice one, Mark!

I thought that v$object_dependency had x$kglrd in it too but I just checked, it only has x$kgldp..


Tanel Poder

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> Ah ha!
> I was thinking about this yesterday....I could have sworn I
> learned this at some point in the past, but then
> forgot....and after much digging yesterday, I got busy w/
> other stuff and forgot about it.
> Well, today, I was swamping though some X$ tables, in pursuit
> of other information, and I stumbled across it!!
> See X$KGLRD for the information you're looking for!
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