Re: freeware tool for generating ERM diagram from existing Oracle DB

From: Grant Allen <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 10:37:22 +1000
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Sven Aluoor wrote:
> Hello folks
> I generated with TOAD an ER diagram. I am not happy with the result.
> Can you recommend me a freeware (or even better Open Source) tool for
> or generating ERM diagram from existing Oracle DB?
> [Please add me CC - I am not on the list]
> kind regards
> Sven

Hi Sven,

Lots of options (people have already mentioned Dia, Visio, etc.). Two very good ones that are free/open source, actively developed, and support multiple DBs.

Power Architect - (and also at

Clay DB Modelling Plugin for Eclipse -

Both have their quirks, but are very usable.


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