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Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 11:04:50 -0400
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Set this in your glogin.sql and it will change whenever you go into a new database.

set sqlprompt "_user' _at_ '_connect_identifier > "

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SET SQLprompt "&db_name..&user_name> "
It doesn't reset the sqlprompt when I go to a new database. What technique do you use?

As of 10.2.something I believe, login.sql is called automatically by sqlplus when new connections are made. Just tested on

When making a connection to a new database however, I always logout. Logging onto a database is handled by a shell script, so it's just a matter of 'olog <dbname>'

There's different ways to handle this, but I long ago got into the habit of exiting sqlplus and restarting it for new database connections.


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