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    I spent 15 years working for an institution that ran under the premise:  

    " To err is human, to forgive divine, neither of which is SAC policy."  

    Now mind you it wasn't money that we were concerned with, but lives.  

    And for those of you too young to remember or from a foreign country to the US, SAC was the Strategic Air Command of the USAF, the Nuclear armed portion.  

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA
PAREXEL International  

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Maybe the moral could also be to not fire people while being angry, upset, and stressed out. I'm sure an organization that operates under the assumption that a mistake is a fireable offence does't run very well.

From this story I'm pretty sure I'd have gone home and posted my resume the very day I heard how he had treated a coworker. I would not want to work for that manager any longer than it took me to land a new job.

Settling usually means that money is payed. I bet the company ended up paying...


On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 5:24 PM, Johnson, George <> wrote:

	My entire team got a very rude wake up call to ensure we paid
	attention when we were working. Usual stuff , we used to refresh
a test
	DB from prod every night. Something went wrong one day, the
	admin, while cleaning up what he thought was test, managed to
wipe prod.
	So he called the DBA manager....
	   The DBA manager fired him over the phone there and then and
told him
	to not bother coming into work the next day. As a final insult,
	manager demanded that this guy call the next admin out to fix
	problem! If he refused, the DBA manager threatened to have the
	take him to court for willful destruction of company
information. I
	think the admin who got fired, attempted to take the company to
	for wrongful dismissal but failed as he had made a major mistake
	was deemed to have threatened the company financially. It all
got very
	sticky, but both parties finally settled on some agreement to
which we
	were not privy.
	   Moral as always, check, check again, breathe 5 times, check
again, 5
	more breaths, check once more....then push the RETURN key.

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