Re: OT - Getting fired for database oops

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 12:18:49 +1000
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Mike Haddon wrote,on my timestamp of 16/05/2009 9:12 AM:
> major snip...
> I told him that I wasn't going to fire him for two main reasons. First
> he was a good admin, got along very well with the team, a very hard
> worker and just had a bad brain fart. Second was that he was adult
> enough to come into my office to admit his mistake so we could address
> the issue on our own terms and internal to the production team, also I
> was sure he would never make that mistake again.
> He turned out to be a very integral part of the team. I do admit I had
> one of the best teams anyone could ask for.

I recall a story about one of the IBM founders who once didn't fire one of his directors who had stuffed up and lost a few million dollars. When asked why, he explained: "I just spent a coupla million dollars training him and you want me to fire him?"
There, is a good reason why IBM ended up being such a large and successful company.

Nuno Souto
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