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Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 11:27:27 -0700 (PDT)
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Isn't ASM will show them as MEMBER or FOREIGN kind of status but will make it available. As these are RAW and so it should be visible as long as SAN is configured to show them. Will surely do a test. I had done similar kind of work in non-RAC enviroment sometime back with the scenario like below

I am havng two Dataguard Environment on different Database server and they are non-RAC databases using ASM as database storage. I lost one Database server and so I told SA to mount the EMC luns on second Database server and I started the Database in Standby mode on Second Database Server as both are Same Oracle version. The only change that was done is on Primary Server to ship the files to different server.

Based on the facts, I am thinking that the solution might work. The reason to go with this approach is that we don;t have extra SAN storage of around 1 Tb to create Dataguard environment and then do the switchover and remove the old one.


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Just a thought on the following: 

3. Make the LUNS used by ASM for sanjay  database on Second RAC environment. This can be done even in Advance to make sure it is visible on second Environment

How are you going make the target ASM recognize the LUNS? as they were already used by the source ASM and marked as member? I doubt the target ASM will be able to pickup these LUNS.

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I want to have some insight from somebody who has done the following or has face such situation.

I had two different 3-Node RAC in production having 3 Databases instances running in both environment. Now one of the Application Database is taking too much CPU resources in One 3-Node infrastructure and the second 3-Node infrastructure is underutilized. So I am planning to move one of the Database from First 3-Node Rac environment to second 3-Node Rac environment. This way first RAC environment will have only 2 Database and second will have 4 database.

Now the question is that if I can stop the database sanjay on First 3-Node Rac environment and mount the ASM lun on the Second 3-Node RAC environment, Are the following Assouptions hold true
1. Stop the Database sanjay on First 3-Node RAC environment
2. using Srvctl , remove it from its cluster resgistry in First environment
3. Make the LUNS used by ASM for sanjay  database on Second RAC environment. This can be done even in Advance to make sure it is visible on second Environment
4. using Srvctl, Add Database instance in the Second environment
5. Start the sanjay  database in Second environment.

Any suggestion or issues in the above setup


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