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The devil is in the details - I'm sure what they mean is, "An issue that was created because of VMWare being the VM". Those are slightly weasel words, however - remember that Oracle's sole requirement is that if they have not seen the bug before, if it is running on VMWare, they want you to recreate the issue on a physical/non-vm environment. I agree that it is highly unlikely that the VM will be a source of problems, but I consider it a very real problem that I'd have to recreate a bug in a non-vm environment when I find one when running on VMWare.


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While I cannot confirm this, during a VM presentation a couple of months ago VMWARE said that there had been only 1 support ticket closed by Oracle over the last 3 years due to Oracle running on VMWARE (or any issues discovered because of VMware). They mentioned that this item was on an old VMWARE version that has had the issue resolved.

While we are not running anything I would consider mission critical on VM boxes, that is mainly due to performance related items and not the support issue. We do run production databases on VM hosts and have not had any issues opening tickets with Oracle.    

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 Oracle products on vmware
From: "Hameed, Amir" <> Date: 13-05-2009 20:14

Hi folks,
Based on Oracle's ML note 249212.1, it seems that Oracle does not officially certify any of its product for VMWARE, but it does certify its products for the Oracle VM (464754.1). Having stated that, I am interested to know if folks in this DL are running mission critical Oracle software on vmware, particularly Oracle e-Business and fusion middle-ware SOA suites, and what is their take on Oracle's support statement?





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