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In my past company, we installed every patch level, of couse that doesn't help with interim patches. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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I have both extremes - customers with 100+ instances running out of one ORACLE_HOME, and customers that deploy one ORACLE_HOME for every instance. We typically recommend the latter configuration, especially for production environments, as it removes the, "Well, I don't want you to apply that patch to *my* database" coupled with "But I *have* to get that patch applied to *my* database" between two users sharing the same oracle_home.

Plus it allows you to do better privilege separation by running different databases as different OS users.


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Is there any physical limits you would be up against? The number of instances per ORACLE_HOME?

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We have just purchased a new very large SAN to which we will be migrating several databases. There are also two new servers which will be connected to this SAN. We will be running RHEL5 and Oracle 11g. We are in the midst of a discussion with the system administrator who wants us to install Oracle on the SAN rather than the local disk on the new server. We, the DBAs would like to have it installed on the local disk, of which there is plenty.

We are wondering about the pros and cons of installing Oracle on the local disk versus the SAN. All comments appreciated.


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