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Don't forget that analytic functions aren't free. Each function can cause it's own additional pass of the results set. I've seen plenty of examples where the query in question wasn't running as fast as expected. The query usually had multiple analytic functions, each requiring a separate pass of the results AND a dump to temp space.

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For this type of query I would user the analytical function row_number to
find the correct eff_dt per the other criteria and then join that query as
an inline view. This way it runs once instead of many times, you could probably see a 2-3 order of magnitude performance increase if the tables are
large as they tend to be in peoplesoft.


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Subject: theory of rewriting a query

Just off the top of anyones head going more for the theoretical side, can anyone suggest a better way to write the below peoplesoft query. I believe this uses a lot of temp tablespace, and something tells me the subqueries are an issue.

Maybe not, but would you in general unravel the subqueries and do it another way? Same type of querie I see a lot uses union all half a dozen times.

Just wondering

SELECT, a.union_cd, d.location, a.emplid,, to_char(

       c.orig_hire_dt, 'YYYY-MM-DD'),, a.erncd, sum(a.hours_crw)     FROM ps_gl_transact_det a, ps_person c, ps_pers_srch_qry c1, ps_job d,

         ps_emplmt_srch_qry d1, ps_job e, ps_emplmt_srch_qry e1, 
         ps_person_name f
    WHERE c.emplid = c1.emplid
      AND c1.rowsecclass = 'HRSALLU'
      AND d.emplid = d1.emplid
      AND d.empl_rcd = d1.empl_rcd
      AND d1.rowsecclass = 'HRSALLU'
      AND e.emplid = e1.emplid
      AND e.empl_rcd = e1.empl_rcd
      AND e1.rowsecclass = 'HRSALLU'
      AND a.emplid = c.emplid
      AND a.emplid = d.emplid
      AND d.empl_rcd = a.empl_rcd
      AND a.cmc_trans_type = 'C'
      AND a.debit_credit = 'DB'
      AND a.union_cd IN ('ADT', 'AD3', 'ADO')
      AND a.erncd IN ('REG', 'OVR')
      AND a.gl_acctng_period BETWEEN :1 AND :2
      AND d.effdt = (SELECT max(d_ed.effdt)
               FROM ps_job d_ed
               WHERE d.emplid = d_ed.emplid
                 AND d.empl_rcd = d_ed.empl_rcd
                 AND d_ed.effdt <= a.pay_end_dt)
      AND d.effseq = (SELECT max(d_es.effseq)
               FROM ps_job d_es
               WHERE d.emplid = d_es.emplid
                 AND d.empl_rcd = d_es.empl_rcd
                 AND d.effdt = d_es.effdt)
      AND d.reports_to = e.position_nbr
      AND e.effdt = (SELECT max(e_ed.effdt)
               FROM ps_job e_ed
               WHERE e.emplid = e_ed.emplid
                 AND e.empl_rcd = e_ed.empl_rcd
                 AND e_ed.effdt <= a.pay_end_dt)
      AND e.effseq = (SELECT max(e_es.effseq)
               FROM ps_job e_es
               WHERE e.emplid = e_es.emplid
                 AND e.empl_rcd = e_es.empl_rcd
                 AND e.effdt = e_es.effdt)
      AND e.emplid = f.emplid
      AND e.empl_status = 'A'
      AND f.name_type = 'PRI'

    GROUP BY, a.union_cd, d.location, a.emplid,, to_char(

             c.orig_hire_dt, 'YYYY-MM-DD'),, a.erncd     ORDER BY 2, 3, 7, 5  


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