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I heard 1 million all in for 1/2 rack but that could be wrong. Doesn't seem that bad. We paid 1 million for a 16 cpu sun box with storage back in 1999 which would read at 35Mb/sec, that was without the oracle licence. I've asked Kevin a few times and haven't got an answer but I've wondered how exadata does with frequent single keyed reads. I know people say you don't have that with data warehouses but I find that as dw's become the single view of corporate data that that is a valid requirement. The dw becomes the focal point for the corporation of consumer information. So if you want a single view of a customer for agents etc, single keyed reads are very important. We had a small app doing a thousand single keyed reads/hr kill our teradata dw as it wasn't using the primary index. It didn't affect the apps performance but it screwed up everyone else.

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"Does the $600K figure include licensing? I saw a quote somewhere and don't
remember the details but do remember that the Oracle database licensing cost
was more than the hardware cost. Shocking!!"

Sorry to say, but that has been a boat anchor around Oracle's neck for some time now.

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