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Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 08:46:57 -0400
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Very interesting thread. Most interesting was that Ric from Hotsos had troubles gleaning why the parse time was so long from the 10053 trace file. I'm not knocking Ric and I'm a firm believer in Method-R and kudos for him coming to the list looking for an answer, but the thought of then having to delve into stack traces and then pick some profiler aggregator or even write my own gives me nightmares and at the end of the day it still comes down to dropping a hint in place.

I am just extremely thankful for guys like Tanel/Ric and all the other oracle gurus for making my job easier. I feel like my dad (small city veterinarian) who told me there were lots of better/smarter vets than him working on making the profession better so he could do a better job in his small practice) and that it was his job to keep abreast of what they were doing and how he could apply it.

So, now I condense this thread into a note and index it via google and add it to my lexicon and continue to try and do my job better with the help of everybody out there.

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Again, if parsing takes minutes or tens of seconds of CPU time then you're hitting a bug or someone has fiddled with undocumented parameters! Parsing should not take that long!

Yes one way is to try to disable "this and that" in hope that the problem goes away, but the SYSTEMATIC approach would be seeing WHERE the parsing TIME is spent!

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