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Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 15:35:16 -0800
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In addition to using the alter table ... move command, I can enable row movement on the table and then use the alter table ... shrink space command.... It's amazing what they hide in that administrator's manual....
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Maureen English wrote:
> Hi,
> We have a table that has a lob column. The table is in tablespace A,
> the lob storage is
> in tablespace B (with an associated index).
> Every month a job runs and adds more data to this table, so we've had to
> add datafiles
> on a regular basis. Now the user wants to delete some data so we don't
> have to keep
> adding datafiles, but can reuse some of the space that's already been
> allocated to the
> tablespaces.
> So, I got a rowcount from the table before the user deleted anything,
> and I also got the
> bytes and extents values from dba_segments for the tablespaces.
> The user then proceeded to delete at least 1/3 of the rows in the
> table. When I did my
> queries again, the rowcount had changed as expected, but the bytes and
> extents values
> didn't change for the segments in dba_segments. There were 172 extents
> before and there
> are 172 extents after the delete.
> Any ideas as to why no extents appear to have been freed up?
> We don't have Grid Control or EM available, so I can't see any pictures
> of space usage....
> - Maureen
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