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From: Eugene Pipko <>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 10:15:08 -0700
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Thanks all for replies,
I discovered that the server is running AMD, not Intel. Does it has anything to do with not be able to allocate more. I check and we have /3GB /PAE set in boot.ini, but it obviously doesn't work. I tried looking for any info on Metalink, but can't seem to find anything referencing AMD chipset. Some notes referring to IMAGECFG.EXE to modify executables, so Windows take 1Gb for itself and the rest goes to outside apps, like oracle. Have you had any chance using it?

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116076.1: Migrating from 8i to 10g (Just kidding)

Well, you can try and use the /3G switch to have 3G for Oracle... therefore having more memory available for processess. Now, seriously, I'd suggest migrating to 9i and take advantage of dynamic pga sizing.

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On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 6:21 PM, Rich Jesse <<>> wrote: Eww. Sorry to hear that. Fortunately, Metalink seems to have the exact advice you need in article 116076.1

HTH! GL! Rich

> I inherited (was upgraded from on Win2000 Adv. Server(was
> upgraded from NT).

> Getting ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 709132
> bytes (callheap,kllcqas:kllsltba).
> How/where (besides windows task manager) can I lookup how much memory is
> being used at the time this error occurs?


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