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From: kyle Hailey <>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 08:29:52 -0700
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As an alternative to OEM for performance analysis, I'd suggest , DB Optimizer, a tool that I help design here at Embarcadero after working at Oracle on OEM 10g and being frustrated with the "Elephant in the china shop". I put together a we page on DB Optimizer here:

Feedback appreciated - please ping me directly if you try out the tool. I have a very limited number of free licenses available in exchange for solid feedback on the product (actually only 7 left after first offering it to the Oaktable list)

As a DBA, I've always wanted to have a simple but powerful tool that I could point at any database and immediately see what was happening clearly and quickly and identify top SQL and Session and see if there is any wait bottlenecks and then drill into any issues. OEM is great when it works for performance info, but it's a bit slow (web interface) and it's a huge install which when it breaks it can be frustrating to try and fix. I have noticed to a lesser extent that at snapshot times, the monitoring process can take up a bit of CPU. Haven't analyzed this, but will try and take a look.

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