Re: Semi-OT: IOUG Collaborate Tips? Suggestions?

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 08:08:39 -0500
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John and Joe have shared some great tips. I especially like Joe's tip to be open and ready to meet new people at any time. There are great opportunities to meet lots of people, many of them you probably already "know" from online exchanges, so you'll likely see familiar names and have to think hard about where you know the name from when you meet face-to-face.

I'll be there presenting several sessions too and look forward to meeting you sometime. I'm expecting that with the interesting times, the crowds will be smaller than in past years, but still great content to soak up.

I'll offer a few more practical tips:
1. Wear comfortable shoes. Conference centers (especially Orlando and Las Vegas) are notorious for having meeting rooms spread over several areas. You'll walk--a lot.
2. Drink lots of fluids. If you're "doing it right", you'll be talking to lots of people. That, combined with the tons of walking, will leave you slightly dehydrated. Plus, if you go outside in May sunshine in Orlando, you'll instantly sweat a lot :).
3. Check the daily updates for room and schedule changes. Like you, many of the presenters are production DBAs and sessions sometimes get cancelled or rescheduled at the last minute. If you don't check those bulletins, you are likely to miss a session or two that you really wanted to attend.

See you in Orlando!


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