Secure backup?

From: Zhu,Chao <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 22:56:10 +0800
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Our company is now thinking about *Secure* backup, which means not a single DBA/SA have access to all the production/DR (and 3rd online copy).

Currently our implementation is every DBA/SA have access/control over every copy of database. It has been working Ok for 10+ years, but we are thinking about potential issue;

It makes life easy when every DBA has access and can manage every database copy. But if something goes wrong with someone, he has the power to bring the company down(today's business has been relying so much on IT infrastructure); And management team wanted to address this potential issue(It is like DR, never happens, we hope:), but we need to address it).

Can someone share how you do that in your organization? Like have dedicated DBA/SA manage the database backup (So he has no access to production database, and production DBA has no access to backup copy)? or with some 3rd party products like storage snapshot like netapp or other storage vendors?

Any comment is appreciated.
Thank you!

Zhu Chao

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