RE: RMAN Duplicate from lower patchset to higher patchsets

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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 11:16:52 -0400
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I know this is a hassle and a pain but if you're stuck with that:
  1. what would you do if the patch was no good and you needed to resort to previous version(i'm assuming you took and patched in place to
  2. why not keep the and add a tree, realizing 2 oracle homes BUT it takes care of #1 above and doing the clone of production, startup the db in production version and do the upgrade to

Or am I missing something here?


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Anyone got any ideas ?  

Vishal Gupta

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Subject: RMAN Duplicate from lower patchset to higher patchsets


I am sure lot of people might have faced this problem. From what i have researched so far, RMAN does not support duplication (i am not talking restore here, but duplicate clone) between different version of oracle.  

So if you have a very critical system, then obvious thing to do would be upgrade dev, then test , then production. But let's throw another complication into the picture, if lot of your dev and test instances are refreshed from production RMAN backup on a daily basis. Then you can't really upgrade dev/test first and leave production, until your testing is finished. RMAN does not allow duplicating a database from older version to newer version.    

Though there is a procedure to restore database and then upgrade/downgrade  

restore database;
recover database;
alter database open resetlogs upgrade/downgrade; now follow the downgrade/upgrade steps;    

As anyone found any way of duplicating database using RMAN from say to  

Vishal Gupta    

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