RE: Lock Type in V$LOCK

From: Marco Gralike <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 17:19:21 +0200
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Sorry, just call it lazy...  

Funny though that I encountered those while using the Oracle XMLDB Protocol Server (XDB Repository / HTTP, WebDAV access). I got daemon processes that lock underlying XDB tables while being "oracle.exe (shad)"        

Van: Tanel Poder [] Verzonden: wo 22-4-2009 16:57
Aan: Marco Gralike; 'oracle-l-freelists' Onderwerp: RE: Lock Type in V$LOCK

V$LOCK_TYPE is a good starting point!  

SQL> select type,name,description from v$lock_type where type in ('AE', 'TO');  


---- -------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
AE Edition Lock Prevent Dropping an edition in use TO Temp Object Synchronizes DDL and DML operations on a temp object

AE is about application code versioning (editions) which should be released as part of Oracle 11.2 I think. TO is about temp tables so someone wouldn't be able to drop or alter the structure of the table def while there's some other session having data in the temp tab.  


Tanel Poder <>    

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Subject: Lock Type in V$LOCK          

        I have encountered, for me, two new lock types from v$lock (Oracle 11g)

        Does anyone now whats related to types "AE" and "TO" ?

        (and in my case "AE" is not OMS/Oracle agent related)          



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