RE: RAC interconnect packet size??

From: Bobak, Mark <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 02:16:50 -0400
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Hi Yechiel,

Well, unfortunately, there's not much I can do to *prove* it solved the problem. Best I can hope for is that I never see the problem recur, and then the best I can do is *assume* it fixed the problem. If, however, we suffer from another "storm" of interconnect activity, I'll definitely let folks know.

On a related note, I found some MetaLink notes that are worth a read: 220970.1, 341788.1, and 181489.1.


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Subject: Re: RAC interconnect packet size??

Can you update us in the near future if this solved the gc waits?

Adar Yechiel

Rechovot, Israel

Bobak, Mark wrote:
Hi Joe,

As to whether or not it's doing any good, well, we were suffering from periodic "storms" of heavy interconnect activity, with lots of gc waits. We're playing wait and see now, but we're hoping that we no longer see that type of problem.


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