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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 14:29:48 -0500
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I've got a need to somehow capture information about a session at the OS level and alter an Oracle's session based on that previously found info. Something to the effect of checking an env. variable and setting DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_CLIENT_INFO accordingly. I think my only option is to create an external procedure that is called from a logon trigger, but maybe I'm missing something.  

The environment is RHEL, 4.x, running Oracle  

The specifics behind this effort are related to overcoming issues in tracking usage of a shared account, so please understand that I know this isn't the best way things should be set up and that I've done my best to lock down the account (and have been eventually blocked each time due to need/effort). The shared account is at the OS level and no one can log in directly as that account, but a scheduler can execute jobs as that account, which is does for all jobs. But, support folks have a type of "sudo" access where they connect as the shared account (let's call it "dshare"). If they have the proper group, they "become" dshare, providing their own account's password in the process.  

At this point, if they execute "sqlplus" as dshare, within their Oracle session the osuser now shows up as "dshare" instead of the originating one, such as "dherri". My thought was to have our sysadmins add a line to this shared account's .bash_profile which will run something like:  

ORIG_ACCT=`ps -p $$ h -o ppid | xargs -n1 ps h -o ppid -p | xargs -n1 ps h -o user -p`  

Then have a logon trigger which would execute an external procedure any time the Oracle session has an osuser value of "dshare". That external procedure would return the value of $ORIG_ACCT and then the logon trigger would set CLIENT_INFO to the returned value.  

To me it seems like a lot of extra work to be done each time an Oracle session is started, but I can't think of any other way of handling this. I guess I could have an alias for "sqlplus" and have it resolved to a script which generates a login.sql script, sets $SQLPATH to that spot, and in the login.sql script set CLIENT_INFO, but that seems like an uglier hack.  

Hopefully I'm missing something obvious, even embarrassingly obvious.  

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