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From: Goulet, Richard <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 11:45:04 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Oh Ian, it's not that long. Here is a stored procedure that I like:

   procedure schema_refresh(schema in varchar2, link in varchar2) as    h1 NUMBER := 0;
   h2 varchar2(1000);
   dmy number := 0;
   ex boolean := TRUE;
   fl number := 0;
   stmt varchar2(1000);
   schema_exp varchar2(100);
   blksz number := 0;
   bad_purge exception;
   bad_link exception;

      schema_exp := 'in('''||upper(schema)||''')';
      utl_file.fgetattr('DATA_PUMP_DIR', schema||'.log', ex, fl, blksz);
      if(ex = TRUE) then
      end if;
      h1 := purge_schema(schema);
      if(h1 != 0) then raise bad_purge;
      end if;
      select count(*) into dmy from user_db_links
      where db_link = upper(link);
      if(dmy = 0) then raise bad_link;
      end if;
      h1 := (operation => 'IMPORT', job_mode =>
'SCHEMA', remote_link => link, job_name => upper(schema)||'_EXP', version => 'COMPATIBLE');
     dbms_datapump.set_parallel(handle => h1, degree => 2);
     dbms_datapump.add_file(handle => h1, filename => schema||'.log',
directory => 'DATA_PUMP_DIR', filetype => 3);
     dbms_datapump.set_parameter(handle => h1, name => 'KEEP_MASTER',
value => 0);
     dbms_datapump.set_parameter(handle => h1, name => 'ESTIMATE', value

dbms_datapump.set_parameter(handle => h1, name => 'INCLUDE_METADATA', value => 1); dbms_datapump.metadata_filter(handle => h1, name=> 'SCHEMA_EXPR',value => schema_exp); dbms_datapump.start_job(handle => h1, skip_current => 0, abort_step
=> 0);
dbms_datapump.wait_for_job(h1, h2); mail_log('DATA_PUMP_DIR', schema||'.log', initcap(schema)||'.log'); /*

utl_mail.send(sender=>'',recipients=>'richard.', subject=>'CoreTST Dump',message=>h2);


      when bad_purge then
         send_mail('','Failed Refresh','Schems
'||schema||' did not flush out properly. ORA-'||h1);
      when bad_link then
Refresh','Database link '||link||' does not exist');
      when others then
         h2 := sqlerrm;
         if(h1 != 0) then dbms_datapump.stop_job(h1,1,0,0);
         end if;
         mail_log('DATA_PUMP_DIR', schema||'.log',

utl_mail.send(sender=>'',recipients=>'richard.', subject=>schema||'Dump',message=>h2);


Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA
PAREXEL International

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Hi Roger,

You can actually do this directly using the datapump API without the need
for an intermediary dmp file.

All you need to do is create a dblink (called e.g. mydblink) on the test database that points to the production one and run the following PL/SQL (again from the test database)

  h1 number;
  h1 :=>'IMPORT',

  dbms_datapump.metadata_remap(h1,'REMAP_SCHEMA','HR','TESTHR'); end;

I've deliberately kept the example short but this can be expanded on to produce log information if needed.



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Here is how I currently copy a schema from production to dev in 10gR2 -

  1. expdp system/password1 schemas=HR directory=pump_dir1 dumpfile=hr.dmp
  2. FTP the dump file (hr.dmp) to the dev box
  3. drop user TESTHR in the dev box
  4. impdp system/password2 schemas=TESTHR directory=pump_dir2 dumpfile=hr.dmp remap_schema=HR:TESTHR
  5. reset password for TESTHR (alter user TESTHR identified by ??????)

Now my question is: how do I do this over the NETWORK_LINK? What kind of DB
link I need?

Would the command looks like this?

impdp system/password2 schemas=TESTHR directory=pump_dir2 network_link=mydblink remap_schema=HR:TESTHR



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