Re: SQLNet.ora per Listener?

From: Nigel Thomas <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 22:36:32 +0100
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The sqlnet.ora is found in $TNS_ADMIN (if that is set) so why not set it before starting one of the listeners (and change it or leave it default for the other)


TNS_ADMIN=/my/nonstandard/net/admin lsnrctl start ...

*env=value command parameters
*causes the env to be set to value and included in the environment of the command

In the non-default directory pointed to by $TNS_ADMIN you can make tnsnames.ora (if needed) a symbolic link to the "real" tnsnames.ora.

Cheers Nigel

2009/4/20 <>

> 9i on HP-UX and 10g on Linux.
> Basic question: Can you somehow tie a particular sqlnet.ora file to a
> specific listener for a database that has two Listeners? I've looked in the
> docs and everywhere else I can think of and I can't find that you can
> somehow specify that a sqlnet.ora file applies to only a specific Listener,
> it applies to all Listeners in that ORACLE_HOME. The only way that my
> little brain has come up with is to create another ORACLE_HOME and have a
> Listener there with its own sqlnet.ora.
> What we have is a Student Information database that is accessed
> District-wide via our internal WAN / LAN. It has a Listener on port 1521.
> We've had this setup for years. We also allow selected access to that
> database from the Internet. We opened up another port (not 1521 or any of
> the "usual" ones) in the firewall and we have a second Listener on that
> port. The sqlnet on the Client App server in the DMZ requires encryption,
> etc. via the parameters specific to those security settings. We'd like to
> require the matching encryption, etc. for any traffic coming to the
> non-standard Listener, but the single sqlnet.ora file on the server would
> apply to our internal Listener as well, killing our internal Users. For
> now, we only have the security settings Accepted, not Required, on the
> server.
> Am I an idiot? I've done the standard setup of Listeners lots and lots
> over the years but am not well-versed in unusual setups or Advanced
> Security. Is there a relatively simple way to do what we want or is the
> separate ORACLE_HOME the ticket? Any guidance would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
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