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Now that Oracle will own Solaris, which is a much more robust OS than Linux, it will be interesting to see whether Oracle will remain committed to Linux the way it has been for the past few years or will switch back to Solaris as its prime platform for development. This deal has some very interesting dimensions. It will also bring Oracle in the same category as IBM and HP with the edge that Oracle offers a host of applications that none of the other vendors do. I believe that I saw a news recently that Jonathan Schwartz was in favor of Sun-IBM deal but Scott McNealy was not. I am sure that Scott has a lot to do with this deal with Oracle given the relationship his company enjoyed for a long time with Oracle in the past.

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	I am wondering what would be the fate of Oracle and HPUX exadata
	Also interesting to see the IBM reaction on this.

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                This should be interesting. And MySQL is going to go down the crapper! =)                 

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