RE: On which server run RMAN when duplicating database

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Yes, I agree, and I was going to mention that.  

You can do some sqlplus commands like that in rman, like for instance when you restore a database, you log into rman with 'rman target /' (assuming your environment is set).  

You startup nomount, shutdown whatever.  

So when you duplicate, and log into rman with "rman target U/P_at_DB auxiliary / trace myfile.lis" One might thing that the '/' means
'here', (and it does), but that does not mean, like Jared mentioned,
that your sqlplus commands execute 'here'. They don't. They execute
'there', (the target), and most likely since your duplicating, 'there'
points to a production DB.  

Interesting how that works eh?

Joel Patterson
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Something to keep in mind with RMAN duplicates:

Commands sent to the database go to the 'target' (source), not the auxiliary.

ie. shutdown abort will shutdown the source database

The terminology for duplicates is rather misleading IMO.

Jared Still
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On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 6:53 AM, Jeffrey Beckstrom <> wrote:

I am reading the duplicate chapter of Robert Freeman's RMAN book.  

If I copy the backup files from server A to server B as mentioned in the book, do I then run RMAN on server B. If so, I understand that I will need a tns entry on server B back to the database on server A so RMAN can connect to the target. Is this correct?      

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