Re: RMAN backup to disk and then later copy to tape

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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 11:12:48 -0400
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Hi Dave,

I am trying to understand your setup. Couple of questions.

Are you using catalog?
You mentioned that you do not set retention period. Do you have default retention of 7 days or set to some high value? How do you manage archived logs that are older then few days? Do you just delete at OS level? How do you sync deleted archived logs with catalog/repository?


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Re: RMAN backup to disk and then later copy to tape

I have backed up to disk and let OS backups capture the files.. I've used this process for the past 6 years with no issues. I guess it depends how your site has tape backups setup.. We were not allowed to backup directly to tape for various reasons (some valid) and I have never had any issues recovering.

I keep 2 days of backups on disk and a few days of archives in case one of the nightly OS backups fails. You need to review the OS backup timings quarterly to make sure everything is ok.

Since I can't backup to tape directly, i can't restore either. If I do need a backup I talk to operations, give them the date of the backup I need and they restore it. Then I perform my recovery.

Personally I also don't use a retention period or run crosscheck. I can see in large shops where you have hundreds of databases but I guess mine have been more manageable (dozens..)

At previous companies i've backed up directly to tape as well. I personally don't have a preference either way... From a level of effort, they are pretty much the same.


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