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From: Stefan Knecht <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 10:36:06 +0200
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"Unless database become sexy and exciting it would be hard for younger professionals to get attracted"

Well.... The complexity and architecture of the oracle database kernel is probably the sexiest thing I've come accross in my life so far (thank god I'm single right now or that statement could get me into trouble ;-)

I'm a great fan of what toon says and advocates. However, the trend nowadays seems to go in quite the opposite direction with many vendors.

What you're describing as being "sexy" (colourful charts and buttons and all that ) is IMHO only the surface. Looks can be deceiving, and in this case they certainly are. Once you start looking underneath the covers of such a "sexy" framework it comes down to being incredibly ugly in most cases, and asking for a slow performance by design.



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On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 7:18 AM, hrishy <> wrote:

> Hi Ramesh
> I am not a expert here like Toon.
> But here are my experiences from my career (12 years in Database stuff if
> that matters)
> I have realised one thing over these many years databases are not sexy they
> don't catch the imagination of many young minds.Take for example Jquery and
> the fancy charts and controls that you can make out of it .
> It immediately attracts attention or all the new web2.0 stuff you can do
> these days.
> Database development is unsexy look at the various amount of frameworks out
> there that makes the developers life so easier to write queries .Practically
> every technology out there is trying to lure away the developer from writing
> database stuff.
> Ruby on Rails has active record which which is a popular ORM framework
> which allows the developer to continue working without knowing much about
> sql and in some cases he would not have to spend worrying about how to join
> 5-6 tables
> Microsoft's LINQ,Nhibernate and Entity framework do similar things with
> Linq you can query almost anything even filesystems,XML active directory etc
> there is simply no motivation for a Microsoft developer to spend time
> learning poor unsexy sql.
> Java folks have Hibernate and ibatis and it can generate a lot of code out
> straight from the database and HQL queries are easier to grasp and write for
> the OOP's mindset.
> Oracle has ADFBC but that is geared more towards the sql savvy developers.
> OOPS gurus like Martin Fowler have advocated the ORM approach and database
> independence (someone even said at a conf i attended they don't
> use constraints in the database nor transactions and that keeps the database
> fast)
> Offcourse database approach matters when there is some complex query that
> needs to be done and performance really matters that when the DBA is
> approached to tune it up but these are for the 20% of the corner cases.
> Just my thoughts
> Unless database become sexy and exciting it would be hard for younger
> professionals to get attracted
> regards
> Hrishy

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