RE: RMAN backup to disk and then later copy to tape

From: Sweetser, Joe <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 11:34:51 -0600
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One issue I've encountered with this is that RMAN will not know ANYTHING about the backups on tape. So say, for example, you keep 7 days of backups on disk and then they are deleted since they have been copied to tape. If you run a crosscheck command, RMAN will mark the files that it can't find ON DISK as expired. So be careful with that. For restore, it adds an extra step in that you have to restore the files from tape to the directory they were in before attempting anything with RMAN.  

In short, there really isn't a problem, per se, with this scenario as long as you understand the implications. Oh - also pay careful attention to timing. If your tape backup comes along while the RMAN backup is still running, it's possible you would end up with an incomplete backup set on a single tape.  


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Subject: RMAN backup to disk and then later copy to tape

We are looking into switching from hot backups on Windows servers to RMAN backups.  

Our intent is to use RMAN to backup to disk. At a later time, we will use Symantec Backupexec to copy the backup sets to tape.  

Anybody see a problem with doing this?    

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