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From: Bill Ferguson <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 08:44:00 -0600
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An excellent blog Toon, I couldn't agree more.

Having started as a contractor to the government many years ago, and then finally getting hired on by the government, I saw first hand, both then and now, the push by contractors to place as much of the business rules in the applications as they could. This lead to horrendous headaches whenever the business rules changed (new tables or fields, or even new values in the lookups, etc.). At one point when I first started, there were 5 different apps accessing the same database and data (just different approaches), and some 'business rule' changes neccessitated the changing of each application.

If all of the 'business rules' were kept in the database, those changes probably could have been made in a matter of days or less, for far less time and money than changing all of the applications. Unfortunately then, the contractors had most of the say-so on how things were designed, but after experincing this firsthand, one of the first things I started to do after getting my government job was placing as much of the 'business rules' inside the database as I could.

This has drastically made my life easier as both a duh-veloper and as a DBA, especially with ODBC out there. I don't have to worry about somebody connecting to the database with Access or SQL Developer or anything else and doing data changes that bypass the business rules. Now, with views and instead_of triggers, they have no choice but to adhere to the business rules, or receive an error message.

-- Bill Ferguson

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> I absolutely disagree with the current trend that you describe. And decided
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