Re: Cold backup versus hot backup.

From: Jack van Zanen <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 21:13:03 +1000
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I would always suggest a hot backup.
The only advantage of cold backups over hot backups I can think of is that if you only have the datafiles and no archives you can still bring it up in a consistent state (old data but consistent).


2009/4/13 Guillermo Alan Bort <>

> Another debate...
> We have several DBs that are currently under a cold backup schema.
> Basically they go down either every day or once a week and a full cold
> backup is taken. There are several issues related to the DB starting
> up before the backup ends, but that's not an Oracle problem, nor a
> cold-backup problem... just a lack of attention problem.
> On the other hand, hot backups have many advantages...
> what do you consider are the advantages and disadvantages of both cold
> and hot backups, and would you use a cold backup schema? if so, in
> what situation?
> Thanks ^_^
> Alan Bort
> Oracle Certified Professional
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Jack van Zanen

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