Re: What would you do with 8 disks?

From: dave <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 13:23:20 -0400
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Thanks for all of the feedback, much appreciated. Basically this server will be for an E-Business Suite environment. The hardware was purchased before I started with the company and its max capacity is 8 drives.

Its an HP blade but I don't have the exact specs with me at the moment. RAID was setup via the hardware and it doesn't provide you with alot of options. ie, you can't set stripe width, etc. As for how many iops, I haven't been told but there won't be that many concurrent users, maybe 20. The hardware has been bought tho, so the only thing in my control is how to setup these 8 disks.

 For some testing purposes (application not storage) I have it formatted as mentioned in my first email.

"I was thinking maybe RAID 5 (3 disks) for the OS, software and backups. RAID 10 (4 disks + 1 hot spare) for the database files."

Jeremy mentioned Orion and i'm hoping to have time to give that a try, if I do, i'll be sure to post the results.

Given the feedback i'll either leave it as is, or remote the RAID 10 and change it to RAID 5.

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