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This returns a count of 0.

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On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 11:47 AM, SHEEHAN, JEREMY <<>> wrote: Ok. Here's an interesting question that some developers threw at me. I don't see anything wrong with the statement but it just does not work....

This statement does not work.....

select * from pjm_nm_sttl_component

   where sttl_id in -- this statement has the 'in'  (select sttl_id_iso from isolink_pjm_sttl_estim_w_iso

    where sttl_id = '131545258'

try this

select count(*)
from isolink_pjm_sttl_estim_w_iso
where sttl_id = '131545258'
and sttl_id_iso is null
IIRC the occurrence of NULL in the values returned can lead to 'surprising' results when used with an IN list.

I'm fairly certain Jonathan Lewis and/or Tom Kyte, and no doubt many others have written about this.

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