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Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 14:50:58 -0400
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 Don't know what happened to my post below. I think I've learned my lesson with the hazards of using X$ tables, and was fortunate to find that the DBA_LMT_USED_EXTENTS view is a mirror of X$KTFBUE. Avoids the ORA-2030 errors and allows for a miminum change to the code.

Mike Hand

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I'll have to do more experimentation to get my arms around just what AUTHID does. In the mean time I've converted X$KFTBUE to DBA_LMT_USED_EXTENTS and granted select. The package body now compiles and runs as expected. Thanks for the feedback.

Mike Hand

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> I'll take stab.
> You have to have a direct grant to execute privilege within any
> procedure, function package etc. (not a role). So SYS would have to
> grant directly to owner of code.
> If owner A owned some code, and users b, c, and d wished to execute
> A.code with AUTHID current_user.

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