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From: kyle Hailey <>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 07:39:47 -0700
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Like Cary said, profiling is the way to go. Profile the database see if there are issues at the

    machine (io,cpu)
    application - locks, invalid SQL
    database configuration - cache sizes, storage settings, log file sizing     SQL - slow ore high resource
The easiest way I know to see this is with DB Optimizer at Embarcadero. Check it out at

There is a free 14 day dowload on the above URL as well as some videos showing how to profile and tune a database. One video that isn't linked on the above URL is which shows a case of log file IO issues, first identifying the problem then fixing it.
The methodology is based on Oracle wait events which are the keys to to profiling the database and identifying issues.

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Kyle Hailey

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